Nordic Headhunting finds High Performers on the Danish and Nordic markets

Nordic Headhunting finds Directors, Managers and Specialists, who can create value and development for companies

Nordic Headhunting is operated by experienced Headhunters with great business understanding

Nordic Headhunting​

Nordic Headhunting is a headhunter company domiciled in Hellerup, which since 2009 has specialized in finding and recruiting specialists, managers, directors and board members.

We have established partnerships with a wide range of companies and organizations, which are predominantly headquartered in Denmark and operate in international markets.

Nordic Headhunting focuses on headhunting and finds High Performers who can deliver results and development to our customers in the Danish, Nordic and European markets. Therefore, all our processes are tailored to identify and evaluate High Performers.

Nordic Headhunting is run by headhunters with many years of experience as headhunters and managers, which makes us serious sparring partners in organizational issues and work processes, where we through close dialogue gain full insight into the desired candidates' profile, behavior and success criteria.

Together, the company's headhunters have solved over 1,000 recruitment tasks at director, manager and specialist level. The customers include many recognized Danish and international companies.

Nordic Headhunting is part of the International Search Partners Association (ISPA), which is an international organization of experienced search companies. In the organization, we are over 50 experienced headhunters and cover 20 European countries.

Examples of clients