Nordic Headhunting

Nordic Headhunting is a headhunting company, which specializes in finding and recruiting Specialists, Managers, Directors and Board Members. Nordic Headhunting finds High Performers who can deliver results to our customers in the Danish and Nordic markets.

Nordic Headhunting can celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2019 and has been named Gazelle by Dagbladet Børsen for three consecutive years.

Nordic Headhunting is established in both Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Nordic Headhunting is operated by headhunters with many years of experience as headhunters and managers, which enables us to act as sparring partners in regard to organizational issues and through dialogue uncover desired candidates' profile, behavior and success criteria.

Combined, the headhunters at Nordic Headhunting have solved over 1000 recruitments at director-, managerial- and specialist levels. Customers include a number of recognized Danish and International companies.

High Performers​

The candidates who can and will make a difference to a company's business development and results are called High Performers. They are often not active job seekers, as they are motivated and create results in their current job and generally have a key position in the company. To find and move High Performers, it is necessary to use headhunting.

Business understanding

Business understanding and solid work experience are the foundation of our way of working.

We ensure thorough knowledge of the business and identify success criteria and strategic goals for the position.

In order to uncover the candidates' competencies, we use e.g. a business case.


Nordic Headhunting is part of the International Search Partners Association (ISPA), which is an international organization of experienced search companies.

In the Nordic Region, ISPA has offices in Oslo, Stavanger, Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen. We are over 50 experienced headhunters and cover 20 European countries.

Read more about ISPA:​

Why us

We have a large portfolio of customers who are companies that need help finding High Performers.
We focus exclusively on headhunting and use all resources to grow and expand our contacts and networks.

We are focused on finding candidates who can contribute to the company's development and results. Therefore, all of our processes are tailored to identify and evaluate High Performers.