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​In principle all four elements must be present before Nordic Headhunting identifies a person as High Performer. Degree and form of the various elements will vary depending on the specific job. The goal is to find a high level of skills, the right experience, good behavior and motivation. It is of no use if the candidate has a high level of competence, but the behavior does not accord with the company and team culture. Nor does it help if the candidate is unable to develop his skills, but shows the correct behavior and motivation.


Nordic Headhunting receives 3rd Gazelle Award

For the 3rd year in a row Nordic Headhunting has been awarded the title of Gazelle-company by Danish newspaper, Børsen. Of that we're very proud.

Great thanks goes out to all clients, candidates and collaborators, who has made this possible.

Assignment examples

High performers

Those candidates who are willing and able to make a difference to the company's business development and performance, are called the High Performers.

Understanding business

Understanding business and extensive business experience is the foundation for our way of working.

The Nordic and Europe

Nordic Headhunting is a part of International Search Partners (ISPA), an international organization of experienced search companies.

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