CV Database

At Nordic Headhunting we continuously need to be in contact with people who are now or later interested in exciting board positions, managerial or specialist positions.

Most of Nordic Headhunting's recruitment tasks are solved without the need for advertising. We solve the tasks through our extensive network, including our CV Database. It is widely known that more than 75% of all posts are never publicly advertised but occupied via network and headhunting. We, therefore, encourage you to send us your CV and thus have it added to our database.

Your CV will, of course, be kept confidential, and no personal information, the name of your workplace, or companies you have been employed in will be disclosed without your consent.

If you are interested in joining the Nordic Headhunting CV Database, you are welcome to submit your CV, attached in Word or PDF format through one of our three categories - Board Members, Directors / Managers, and Specialists.