We have an ongoing need to be in contact with people who are now or later interested in an exciting position. When it comes to specialists, we typically work within IT (SAP, Oracle etc.), engineers (construction, electricity, plumbing etc.) and economy (finance and business controllers, accountants, etc.)

Most of Nordic Headhunting's recruitment tasks are solved without the need for advertising. We solve the tasks through our extensive network, including our own CV Database. It is widely known that more than 75% of all posts are never publicly advertised but occupied via network and headhunting. We therefore encourage you to send us your CV and thus have it added to our database.

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By submitting your CV, you also accept that Nordic Headhunting will store your data in accordance with the Danish Personal Data Act and the Data Protection Agency's guidelines.

Your CV will be stored in the CV Database for 1 year, where after you will receive an email, where you are asked to decide whether to continuously accept that we keep your CV stored.