Why choose Nordic Headhunting?

For companies or organizations looking for the most talented candidates, there are several good reasons to choose Nordic Headhunting.

The headhunters all have:

  • Great insight into international management culture and organizational forms and can thus act as professional sparring partners for the required competencies, personal profiles, and success criteria in the position in question.
  • Deep insight into many different industries with a large network of decision-makers and informants who know suitable candidates.
  • Many years of management experience and solid business understanding from many types of organizations and industries.
  • Many years of headhunter experience, where together we have solved over 1000 headhunter tasks both in Denmark and internationally.

We focus on:

  • To put together a strong team of headhunters who are best at solving the company's recruitments locally and internationally
  • To find High Performers who can contribute to the company's development and results. Therefore, all our processes are tailored to identify and evaluate High Performers
  • One permanent headhunter is responsible for the contact to the company, and another headhunter is the backup on the case

We have very good references from both customers and candidates, and we intend to continue to do so. We know that we are being measured on our latest headhunting, and therefore we make every effort with all tasks.

Read more about our references.