​High Performing People

​A High Performer is a person who, in and outside the organization, is recognized as being highly competent, professionally and managerially. A person who typically delivers more than expected. The person is often characterized as being motivated for the job and possessing professional pride, determination and integrity.

A simple definition of a High Performer is a person who delivers development and above average results for a longer period of time.

This could be the director, who always takes the lead and has the ability to motivate his functional managers to work together as a team, thus ensuring that great results are delivered. It could also be a design engineer who through, his or her professionalism, finds optimal design solutions that can save the company a number of expenses.

Nordic Headhunting has built up its processes so that they support the identification and evaluation of the High Performers.

On four key areas, a High Performer's "DNA" is identified and assessed (see fig. 1):

  • Competence - technical, as well as managerial skills
  • Behavior
  • Motivation
  • Experience

Fig. 1: What is a High Performer

Technical and managerial skills

People who have the right technical and managerial skills have a tendency to lead, take on responsibilities and work through challenges. To be precise, sharp and quick in analysis and problem solving, is a consequence of technical and managerial competence, which is the key driver of success.


Persons acting with integrity and who relate to the best professional standards, fostering respect and desire for dialogue and cooperation. They create trust and respect by taking personal responsibility and by their openness, honesty and willingness to work with the challenges and provide for the common good.


People who are motivated, have the drive and commitment required to achieve the desired objectives in the job. They understand what it takes to achieve it, and even if they have a clear picture of the desired goal, they understand that flexibility and adaptability are important factors in the process.


People with the right experience, have the ability to predict the challenges and think through potential consequences before they occur. They manage to think across the organization and establish joint responsibilities for the development and achievements.

Fig. 2:

​In principle all four elements must be present before Nordic Headhunting identifies a person as High Performer. Degree and form of the various elements will vary depending on the specific job. The goal is to find a high level of skills, the right experience, good behavior and motivation. It is of no use if the candidate has a high level of competence, but the behavior does not accord with the company and team culture. Nor does it help if the candidate is unable to develop his skills, but shows the correct behavior and motivation.

High performers

Those candidates who are willing and able to make a difference to the company's business development and performance, are called the High Performers.

Understanding business

Understanding business and extensive business experience is the foundation for our way of working.

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