High Performers

The candidates who can and will make a difference to the company's business development and performance are called High Performers. They are often not active job seekers, as they are motivated and create results in their current job and generally have a key position in the company. To find and move High Performers, it is necessary to use headhunting.

A High Performer is a person who, within and outside the organization, is recognized as being highly competent professionally and in management. A person who typically delivers more than you expect. The person is most often characterized by being motivated for the job and possessing professional pride, will, and integrity.

A simple definition of a High Performer is a person who delivers development and results above average over a longer period.

Nordic Headhunting has tailored the search process so that it supports the identification and assessment of High Performers.

Professional and managerial competencies

People who have the right professional and managerial skills tend to take the lead, take responsibility, and work through problems. Being accurate, sharp, and quick in analysis and problem solving is a consequence of solid professional and managerial competencies, which is the crucial driver for achieving results.


People who act with integrity and adhere to the best professional standards create respect and desire for dialogue and cooperation. They create trust and respect by taking personal responsibility and through their openness, honesty, and willingness to work with challenges and towards the common good.


People who are motivated typically have the drive and commitment needed to achieve the desired goals in the job. They are aware of what is needed to succeed, and although they have a clear picture of the desired goal, they understand that flexibility and the ability needed to adapt to different situations are important factors that are an integral part of the process.


People with the right experience can predict challenges and focus on potential consequences before they happen. They are able to think across the organization, and they establish joint responsibility for development and results.

In four key areas, a High Performer's "DNA" can be identified and assessed: Competencies, Behaviour, Experience, and Motivation.

In principle, all four elements must be present before Nordic Headhunting describes a person as a High Performer. The degree and shape of the various elements will vary according to the specific job. The goal is to find a high level of competence combined with the right experience, behavior, and motivation. Thus, it is essential that the candidate's behavior harmonizes with the company's and the team's culture, and that they continuously manage to develop their competencies and - not least - are strongly motivated by the position and business.