Nordic Headhunting is operated by headhunters with many years of experience as headhunters and managers, which enables us to act as sparring partners in regard to organizational issues and quickly uncover the desired profile, behaviour and success criteria in the initial dialogue.

Combined, the headhunters at Nordic Headhunting have solved over 1000 recruitments at Director-, Managerial- and Specialist levels. Customers include a number of recognized Danish and International companies.

We emphasize that our customers are constantly updated on the progress of our recruitment processes and we try to be as transparent and open as possible, with due regard to the confidentiality of potential candidates.

We typically build a team around the customer with the recruiting headhunter as responsible and "Single Point of Contact" in relation to the customer and candidates. This is supplemented by a researcher who supports the headhunter and a back-up headhunter who internally with us follows the case particularly closely and who can step in if the recruiting headhunter is prevented due to illness or other.

Several of our customers desire to use their own test tools, as they subsequently use them for development interviews. In these cases, we tailor the process embrace these desires. If any special wishes exist in relation to using other test systems, we can also cater to this. In these cases, the service is purchased from one of our partners.