Single point of contact

We emphasize that our customers are constantly updated on the progress of our recruitment processes and we try to be as transparent and open as possible, with due regard to the confidentiality of potential candidates.

We typically build a team around the customer with the recruiting headhunter as responsible and a "Single Point of Contact" concerning the customer and candidates. This is supplemented by a researcher who supports the headhunter and then a backup headhunter who internally with us follows the case particularly closely and who can step in if the recruiting headhunter is prevented due to illness or other.

The recruiting headhunter will continuously communicate with the customer and typically once a week give an oral or written status about the progress of the recruitment process. Here we report on the number of conversations, reconciliation of profiles, and much more. It will also be the recruiting headhunter who follows up on the hired candidates after 2 and 5 months' employment respectively.

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