Trusted Advisors

Nordic Headhunting focuses on establishing long-term customer relationships. Over time, we can acquire a deeper and broader knowledge of the customer's organization, culture, business model, market, etc. As our headhunters have many years of experience as headhunters and leaders, they act as sparring partners regarding organizational issues and can quickly uncover the desired profile, behavior, and success criteria in the initial dialogue.

Furthermore, the customer doesn't need to brief us from scratch every time, as we have the needed insight acquired through the many years of collaboration, which thus saves the customer much time (and money) and increases the quality of the recruitment greatly. Hereby we can find a High Performer who can quickly create development and results for the company.

Nordic Headhunting has grown a lot in recent years, mainly because our existing customers use us increasingly for recruitment at all levels of the organization (from C-level positions to specialists) and for building new business areas.

Nordic Headhunting's employees have a duty of confidentiality regarding all information they become aware of through their cooperation with the customer. We also follow the Data Protection Agency's rules on the processing of personal data regarding providing professional assistance in connection with job vacancies. This means, among other things, that applications and CVs received in connection with specific recruitment are deleted when these are no longer relevant for the occupation of the post in question.

Of course, confidentiality does not only apply to our customers, but to the same extent to the candidates, we bring into the recruitment process.