Nordic Headhunting uses recognized test tools and relevant candidate assignments to identify and evaluate High Performers, which can make a difference to companies' development and results.

As a test tool, we use the personal profile analysis DISC, which in just 8 minutes gives a Person Profile Analysis and an insight into a person's preferred work behavior and answers questions such as: What are their strengths and limitations? How does he or she communicate? Is the person a self-starter? What motivates the person?

In addition, the General Intelligence Assessment (GIA) is used. GIA provides a forecast of the time it will take a person to integrate into a new job role. GIA also enables potential leaders to be identified; those who can quickly make a decision or a quick response to challenges and those who are better suited for more methodical problem-solving.

With the use of test tools, you will never get a complete description of the candidate and Nordic Headhunting's experienced headhunters thus typically use it as a dialogue and conversational tool to better understand the individual's behavior and motivations. Therefore, the tests are always combined with a concrete company-related business case, which has been prepared in cooperation with the company's recruiting manager and which is relevant to the position in question. For example, it could be the following business case for a major international engineering company seeking a new Sales Director:

” The company has recently implemented an organizational change from a segment-divided organization to a regionally divided organization with offices in Aarhus, Odense, and Herlev. How will you as Sales Director run your new sales organization? Which managerial tools will you use? What thoughts have you made regarding the collaboration with the rest of the organization, including the collaboration with the service and project organization?

Finally, please give some thought to your motivation for the job, as well as to how you will use the first 100 days in the job.”

This type of assignment is sent to the candidates selected for the second interview round. Then, the candidates present their thoughts, issues, and ideas, which are discussed with the company's recruiting manager. Nordic Headhunting's experienced headhunters act as observers and coaches. The purpose of the business case is to get a feel for the candidate's perception of the tasks ahead, so the recruiting manager will get a sense of whether the candidate in question is right for the job, as well as getting a feel for the candidate's work style and whether the personal chemistry is present.

Several of our customers wish to use their test tools as well, as they subsequently use them for development interviews. In these cases, we tailor the process with this in mind. If we get any special requests to use other test systems, we'll gladly arrange the purchase of these services from our external partners.