Nordic Headhunting is a headhunting company that specializes in finding and recruiting specialists, managers, executives and directors. Nordic Headhunting finds High Performers who can deliver results for companies, in the Danish and Nordic market.

Our business processes are all constructed to support the finding of High Performers. Nordic Headhunting offers pure headhunting (search).

We acknowledge the importance of customers wanting the tasks fulfilled by qualified people, and often as soon as possible. Therefore, we typically have a delivery time of 6 to 8 weeks. At Nordic Headhunting we guarantee that ALL information remains confidential as we have the utmost respect for the company's and the candidate's right to anonymity. A collaboration with Nordic Headhunting typically includes the following processes:

Before assignment start (week 1)

Meeting with the customer, including the person who the candidates will refer to. Often we will offer to prepare a "mini-team" analysis which can highlight certain requirements of the match of the candidate. Before starting the assignment, we also invest time to create a solid foundation for the headhunting assignment. We have prepared ourselves thoroughly with insight into the industry, business and corporate culture. Together with the customer we develop an action plan for the process, with significant milestones, including reporting, meeting dates, ect.​

During the assignment cycle(week 2-6)
The Nordic Headhunting initiates the process and scans the market systematically for suitable candidates.
Nordic Headhunting conducts the initial interviews and potential candidates are analyzed. A few days in advance of the first round of presentation, the company receives a description (Candidate Information) of the candidates we wish to present. We typically present 2-4 candidates. At the candidate presentation or at the second interview, candidates must present a customer-specific business case, which is sent to the candidates in advance. Case presentation lasts approx. 15 min. The business case is an opportunity that the companies can take advantage of, depending on how the process is desired to run.
Once the top candidates have been selected, typically 3-6 references are taken.

After assignment completion (week 16-18)

We offer follow-up interviews with the sustomer and candidate after approx. 16 to 18 weeks.​

High performers

Those candidates who are willing and able to make a difference to the company's business development and performance, are called the High Performers.

Understanding business

Understanding business and extensive business experience is the foundation for our way of working.

The Nordic and Europe

Nordic Headhunting is a part of International Search Partners (ISPA), an international organization of experienced search companies.

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